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"Cyril Won't Step Aside As He Is Not Criminally Charged" Zizi Kodwa


ANC NEC member, Zizi Kodwa has poured cold water on the prospects of president Cyril Ramaphosa stepping aside due to his Phala Phala scandal.

Kodwa says president Cyril Ramaphosa could not appear before the party's Integrity Commission because members were not available.

He adds that contrary to popular opinion that Ramaphosa is playing a long game, and evading accountability, the president is open to any investigation. Kodwa also says there's no need for Cyril Ramaphosa to step aside because he isn't criminally charged.

"If he is criminally charged, he will step aside from his position. At the moment he is not facing any criminal charges and there should not be any hallabaloo about that," said Kodwa.

Ramaphosa's opponents however argue that criminal charges were laid against the president, and that it is not true for Kodwa to publicly state that the ANC leader is not facing any criminal charges.

Former prison boss, Arthur Fraser laid criminal charges including kidnapping, money laundering and also submitted evidence in the form of emails, photos and photos. It will be however disingenuous for Zizi Kodwa to say there are no charges against Ramaphosa.

Social critics cite that it will take for ever for a case to be formed, and that Cyril's allies managed to keep it under the rug for so long and even the police where involved.

"We know the outcome of this, what is SARS waiting for because the law was broken. If it was a normal citizen will be talking a different story.

A normal person, in the street, would have had their assets seized and sold off, by SARS. Why does it seem as if they gained something from the illegal activities that took place at Cyril Ramaphosa's Phala Phala farm? They inquired.

Zizi Kodwa is also one of the ANC comrades implicated in the Phala Phala scandal, and hence some argue this explains why he is trying to protect Cyril Ramaphosa.

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