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OPINION| The ANC won't survive without corruption

ANC won't survive without corruption, because leaders of ANC that had survived apartheid, are all sell outs and looking out for other alternatives that they can hold accountable be accountable is a risk people are scared to be killed, by this arrogant Fatcats who are power hungry South Africa has a weak law that's the reason such people are taking advantage, else corruption will persist as long as the laws of the country is not toughThey only come out during elections to campaign for the same corrupt comrades, but once the results are in, it is the voters who have to live with decay, while the politicians divvy up the spoils to form coalitions to take control of municipalities. Eskom will resume load-shedding. Gauteng’s stop-gap measures to halt the water shortage will end and taps will again run dry. Covid will surge back in the aftermath of mass political gatheringsWhat this means is, post-election, you can expect everything-shedding water, power and health all in time for the holidays, ANC is beyond repair, everyone in the anc is waiting their turn to loot,anc is for corrupt people only, ANC is full of greedy and selfish politicians nothing can be fix in that party the damage is already done, Ramaphosa is left to pick up the peaces

It is not only the quality of the candidates to filled but also the commitment by the senior leaders to stop manipulating their juniors into doing corruption. The senior leadership must also call upon business people to stop manipulation especially those that are closely associated with the leadership of the ANC. They know who they are those who walk into municipalities and direct that tender xyz must be given to company Abc. In turn when such happens work is not done but payments are made. These things have a hand of people in the senior leadership structures of the ANC hence investigation are always interfered, with and produce incomplete reports which become difficult for the prosecution to prosecute the wrong doersWe have seen public office bearers of the highest quality succumbing to manipulation of politicians and today they have no reputation. I will not mwntion names but all I am saying the senior leadership in the hierarchy of the structures must also commit and pledge to resist and desist from unlawful, and corrupt interference with the business of local government office bearers

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