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OPINION|| Democracy Governing Undermines African Tradition, Customs & Culture

Democracy as a system of governing comes with the freedom to undermine African Tradition, Customs and Culture without consequences to bear.

Bare in mind that Democracy is Un-African, but the concept introduced to African people as the aftermath of the so-called "African Civilization".

Before civilization, Africa used to govern themselves through kingdoms, made of different clans where respect for culture, and tradition was prioritised.

If you look at Americans as people who have been living in democracy for the longest time, you'd realise they don't have a moral compass, they just act however they please, and without care.

The African society is being indoctrinated, and corrupted by American Media (movies, music, social media, and news).

As a results, Africans, especially South Africans, are trying to immitate the Americans, and forget we're living in Africa.

These days people no longer have respect for the dead, because everyone wants to be heard, and everyone wants to be known ( looking for fame and popularity) .

Family members of the deceased are no longer given time, and space to mourn their loved ones, and find closure in a dignified manner.

If it's not celebrity wanna be's ( the likes of Mohale, Somizi's ex husband/wife), coming forward with the scandals of the deceased (Shona) shortly after their passing, then it must be Rasta the artist making mockery of the dead with his portraits.

Twitter is one platform created for black South Africans to drag each other in the mud, and show the world how divided they are, but still get all worked up when no one shows respect to blacks.

If black people wishes to be respected, and not been seen as uncivilized, and uncultured empty headed dreamers, they must first learn to respect themselves.


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