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OPINION| Corruption is Affecting Zimbabweans not Sanctions

If you say or believe that Zimbabwe’s economic demise was caused by sanctions, then you are a certified ignorant man or woman or you are merely singing for your supper, even the vendors know that it is bad

It amazes me that we still have adults who believe that sanctions are the cause for our demise, having one tv station ,herald newspaper which our rural folks can't afford or have no access to, having no access to internet, and our opposition party leaders must go to the hard hit rural areas to explain to the rural people, why is Zimbabweans are where they are and not to live in fear of loosing their land simple because they support the opposition party, this is one of the strategy used by Zanu pf of threatening people by promising to disposess them of their land

So this task is for the opposition leader to address the mass by providing them with correct information so that they know the truth, sanctions has nothing to do with what is happening in Zimbabwe if Zanu pf leave the office today, Zimbabwe can be a better country in less than ten years, even though it took 41 years for Zanu pf to cripple the beautiful land

Corruption is killing people not sanctions, they want to blind people but only fools agree with them. Command agriculture, Zinara, Zesa, tenders, land barons, mining etc. The list goes on and on they instil fear to silence those who speak out. So they put themselves in offices after loosing elections to carry on blaming sanctions like Mugabe did, 5 years gone they don't have any plan or whatsoever about so called sanctions, they are still campaigning for another 5 years of blaming sanctions, while people are suffering we have been separated by our beloved ones because of economic hardships, some have died trying to cross borders, they must just kill everyone once, in exchange for freedom, this is the chance am seeing there is nothing beyond except suffering, if people don't rise up, speak out and act in solidarity for future of generation to come

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