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Reasons why millions of Zimbabweans are in South Africa today

During the time of President Mbeki’s rule The South African ‘ANC’ government foreign policies were evil and hostile to Zimbabweans.

The ANC government supported Mugabe’s government destruction of farms and companies in Zimbabwe.

Thabo Mbeki’s government was infamous for so called quiet diplomacy while the late Mugabe’s government was rigging elections, killing disdents. Mbeki knew what he was doing.

He was back biting Morgan Tsvangirai too much. Calling him an idiot. Until Tsvangirai was poisoned with cancer and died. Susan Tsvangirai was also killed in well crafted car accident.

Thabo Mbeki’s policies encouraged the massive flowing of Zimbabweans to South Africa.

Mbeki was very unpatriotic to both Zimbabwe and South Africa.

He should have supported free and fair elections in Zimbabwe. He should have supported human rights in Zimbabwe. Tens of thousands fled Mugabe’s reign of terror to seek refugee in South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, USA and UK. The evil Mbeki’s government was broadcasting that there is no crisis in Zimbabwe.

Millions of Zimbabweans wouldn’t have fled the country for South Africa.

I blame Thabo Mbeki. He should have discarded the mentality of supporting a fellow liberation party that was destroying the country and livehoods.

Mbeki’s covering up of Mugabe’s sins and wanton destruction has costed South Africa millions.

Many times Britain wanted to invade Zimbabwe during Mugabe’s rule but Mbeki was stopping them. Actually Mbeki was perverse and contributed a lot to deaths of Zimbabweans. He actually wanted Zimbabwe to be destroyed. So that South Africa could benefit from it.

South Africa must support good policies in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Lesotho and Nigeria. South Africa must actually invest in these countries to get profit and also to avoid massive migration of people to South Africa.

His Excellency President Ramaposa must support human rights and investments in neighbouring countries that will help us in the long run. Ramaposa must not tore the ANC line of covering up corruption and genocides in neighbouring countries.

Killing and chasing away people is not going to help. Even illigal Zimbabweans and Nigerians will continue staying in South Africa. It’s not a problem that will be solved by deportation trains or buses or by xenophobia.

On humanitarian grounds South Africa must assist Nigerian, Zimbabwean and Mozambiquen immigrants. The UN must donate a lot of money to South Africa.

The immediate removal of immigrants from South Africa will further destroy South African economy. Millions of Zimbabweans are paying rent to South Africans. Millions of Zimbabweans are buying electricity and airtime from South African companies. This is boosting these companies. Small businesses employing South Africans are foreign owned. South African banks are benefiting millions of Rands in bank accounts of Zimbabweans and other foreign nationals.

Millions of Zimbabweans are buying groceries and sending it to Zimbabwe. This is boosting South African industries and farming. Tens of thousands of Zimbabweans are buying farm produce from City Deep to sell and for consumption. This is helping South Africa.

Violent removal of Zimbabweans from South Africa will in actually fact further destroy the country. Killing people in streets is desperation and evil and will backfire. This will make God more angry and worsen the situation of South Africa.

Leviticus 19: 33-34

“When immigrants live in your land with you, you must not cheat them. Any immigrant who lives with you must be treated as if they were one of your citizens. You must love them as yourself, because you were immigrants in the land of Egypt; I am the Lord your God.” —(Common English Bible)

Jeremiah 22:3

“The Lord proclaims: Do what is just and right; rescue the oppressed from the power of the oppressor. Don’t exploit or mistreat the refugee, the orphan, and the widow. Don’t spill the blood of the innocent in this place.” —(Common English Bible)

The Solution promote human rights, free & fair elections and good policies in Zimbabwe and Nigeria. Encourage investors to invest in Zimbabwean ED Mnangagwa’s government.

As a regional power South Africa should tell Americans and British to remove sanctions on Zimbabwe. For the past decades sanctions are not helping Zimbabweans but infact encouraging Zimbabweans to flee to South Africa.

IMF and World bank must not isolate Zimbabwe. We are sick and tired of your communist double standards. If you are fair now put Australia on sanctions for massive human rights abuses over Covid-19 mandates.

Both black and white and South Africans of all colours you have been so good to Zimbabweans. Please keep it up you have been so human. We really need such unity and Humanity to advance as Africa.

We need to fight these political diseases together. Our common enemy is corruption, selfishness and greediness.

By Collen Makumbirofa

Content created and supplied by: Makk (via Opera News )

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