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Mzansi reacts to the video of a prisoner twerking

The video of a prisoner twerking is making rounds on social media platforms and leaving people in wander. In the video that was shared by Daniel Marven on Twitter, this female prisoner can be seen twerking at the gate, and what left people with unanswered questions is that people believed that this video was taken by somone who works in prison.

A person who took this video can be heared chanting and cheering for this female prisoner while she is busy twerking at the gate. Many people found this so inappropriate and they believe that this video is tarnishing the reputation of this country "SA is a mess". Watch the video here: ( Twitter users have shared their thoughts in the comment section about this. Many Twitter users were just surprised because this video made it clearly that some prisoners are highly favored in prison "This one is in paradise" Wrote a Twitter user. "Prison is not an evil place it's made out to be" Wrote another Twitter user.

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