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ANC became a laughing stock spott this.

ANC has been on a trail for a campaign since the are approaching the local government elections, a lot has happened along the way throughout this campaigning , we have been watching them sometimes they are leaving empty promises to people, which is not right because people are expecting a lot.

ANC has not been doing good to people of our country they had promised them jobs while they haven’t gave the such, while some are being retrenched because there is absolutely no money for payments but they is money which is available for campaigning.

ANC is desperate for votes just because of what they are doing it seems so, they have been visiting each and everyone because they have been helping people of what they were doing example, there Washing clothes with someone’s mother during campaigning because they were showing them what they are capable of doing,

some are even saying that this elections must be each and every months because pf how ANC is helping people only during campaigning.

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