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SA attack Derek that he use intelligence money fund to buy car for his girlfriend, see what SA says

In Those Nine Years You Were Minister Of Land Affairs And Because You Infiltrated The ANC You Made Sure No Land Went To Black People AND Your Girlfriend Was Bought A Car With Money From Intelligence Slush Fund, You White Trash Piece Of Shit

You can try certainly to try to cover up 9wasted years under ICE boy you TONY GUPTA 

Zuma was never the president of South Africa, but ice boy. You n your family will never come anywhere close to what Zuma is, you belittle him all you if it makes you sleep better at night, you know the truth, 9 years was excellent for the people of South Africa.

We didn't elect Derek we elected Jacob zuma to return the Land, and he refused dismally Who are you referring to when you say the ANC? Zuma encouraged Black Parties in Parly to unite and vote on Land. When? The land question was brought up by the EFF, for 9 years zuma kept singing. Rather say EFF made a noise about it instead of embarrassing yourself here. Zuma started this as soon as he got elected for a 2nd term in Mangaung. The EFF joined the call and started making a noise to fool the masses. Here is Zuma pleading to Black political parties. 

Cyril made the very same noise, Zuma had 9 full years to get this done and he didn't, He was elected for that very purpose which he failed to fulfill, Cyril is here making the same noise about land reform we don't want noise here. Skhulu I can tell from afar that you know nothing about sunset clauses. Go read about them, see when they lapsed and how Mbeki extended them. Then you will know why Zuma started talking land issue after 2014. Then come back and debate me. We didn't elect him to talk, we elected him to act decisively, he failed man and destroyed the YL because he knew we were all disappointed in him, 

Yesterday it was Thabo Mbeki and his son , today it's hannekom and his girlfriends' car. 


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