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I Doubt if the ANC will manage to win major metros - Mbeki

An example of a disfunctional metro .. Buffalo City in the EC ..Council composition The ANC majority , DA , EFF , AIC , ACDC , Cope, PAC and UDM and still they spend millions of Rands on consultants because of a skills shortage ..Get rid of the politicians ..Simple as that.

Then they'll give speeches lamenting how bad the ANC is, the same ANC they told people to vote for. That said, that South Africans aren't able to create alternatives is their own fault, and must suffer the consequences of learned paralysis.

If I were to be asked in an exam to name at least 5 municipalities that are successfully run by the ANC, I would definitely fail coz there is no municipality that is successfully run by ANC.They are all collapsing.

It's ironic that most stalwarts of the ANC didn't want to campaign for the party during Zuma's terms. I suppose cause they hated the man, plus Zuma himself could do without them. But d current guy really needs all the help he can get because his face on d posters isn't helping.

The ANC realy think they are holding the oxygen tank for SA? As if there would be no life without it.

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