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After the next presidential elections I doubt that Ramaphosa will come back as the ANC president


I am of the firm view that Cyril Ramaphosa does not like nor wish anything good for former president Zuma, and many of his ANC cdes including former president Thabo Mbeki, Cyril Ramaphosa is the same guy who decided against attending the inauguration of former president Mandela, because we are told he had expectations to deputise Madiba of which it didn't happen, the late cde Steve Tshwete implicated Cyril, Mathew Phosa and Tokyo Sexwale amongst those who were plotting to overthrow (coup de tat) former president Mbeki. Cyril Ramaphosa was amongst those who chaired the disciplinary committees together with Derek Hanekom, that expelled Julius Malema and his collective back then of the Ancyl, Cyril Ramaphosa was behind all those votes of no confidence against former president Zuma during his tenor in the office, Cyril Ramaphosa funded the formation of the Eff, he was amongst those whom president Zuma referred to as stooges of the WMC establishment who cornered him after expelling Pravin Gordan, that's history, not me concourting the above mentioned facts I therefore conclude, Cyril Matamela is a factory fault of our movement and he must be removed from the office with immediate effect

History has a tendency of repeating itself in the form of America's presidents Goerge Washington and Richard Nixon. In Washington, America had a president who couldn't tell a lie and would always stand by the truth no matter what, but alas in Nixon, Watergate proved that they had a president who couldn't tell the truth. By losing credibility with his people Nixon lost his moral authority to lead the nation and had to resign. South Africa must choose if they want to be led by an upright Washington or pathological liar NixonDuring the Zuma Presidency the Country was not collapsing like this are you agreeing or not? I am not the follower of JZ but he was good compared to the present president, Zuma is good 100% compare to Ramaphosa this is what I believe personally. Come December 2022 you will see yourself the man call himself Ramaphosa is not coming back as ANC president

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