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Zimbabweans unite in raising funds for a bullet proof car for Nelson Chamisa after this happened

The political and economic situation has been strained for so many years. this has led into many Zimbabweans resenting the ruling party ZANU PF as they feel that they are the reason to why the county continues to suffer.

Looking for a better party many Zimbabwean started to support the opposition party MDC alliance led by Nelson Chamisa. The young leader has gained so much love and popularity amongst majority of Zimbabwean.

However recently a certain incident happened whereby Chamisa's car was attacked in Masvingo while he was inside by alleged ZANU PF supporters in an attempt to stop his campaigns. The windows of the car he was in were all broken but luckily he managed to flea with his life. Within days after the Masvingo incident happen there were again reports of his car being attacked again this time by bullets from guns.

This has somehow alarmed his supported to try and find a way to protect Chamisa. They have organised a go fund me page in order to raise a total of USD120 000 so as to buy him a bullet proof car. The go fund me has been doing so good with people donating as little as they have for Nelson Chamisa.

This however did not go well with some Zimbabweans who feel like there are being scammed. they were of the opinion that the holes on the car were not bullet holes and that it was all staged by Nelson Chamisa so as to gain sympathy from the people.

This has not in any way demotivated [people who continue to make donations despite the negatives being said. This act of kindness really shows that anything can happen if people come together.

At the end of the day it is not the issue of who is leading the country or wins the elections. It is about people knowing what is good for them and voicing it out. No one was being forced to donate and those who are doing it are doing so willingly.

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