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Opinion: The ANC Promise People Land Before 1994 And After 1994 They Did The Opposite

The Tshwane Metro Police Department's (TMPD) land attack unit eliminated over 100 unlawful land intruders in Fort West (Lotus Gardens) on Wednesday morning, September 29. 

Tshwane police eliminate more than 100 land trespassers in Fort West Andile Sithole remaining close to the spot he once called home. 

TMPD representative Senior Superintendent Isaac Mahamba said the land grabbers were recently pulled out that the illicit constructions on the land would be obliterated. 

"They neglected to agree with the notification, which brought about a court request being given to obliterate the constructions," Mahamba said. 

Andile Sithole stting on his bed after his house was the Mahamba said these activities will be directed all through Tshwane to resolve the issue of unlawful land occupation. 

"Inhabitants are urged to try not to possess land wrongfully and to report the people who do as such." 

Nonetheless, the occupants said they paid between R20 000 and R30 000 to a "advisory group" they accepted was liable for selling the land nearby" with the goal that they could be allotted stands. 

A few inhabitants asserted they had been remaining nearby for quite a long time and the board of trustees said nothing regarding their being there being unlawful.

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