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Opinion: Zondo should give a report of the investigation conducted

The Recommendations of a Commission of Inquiry are non-binding.

Zondo should have given the report to the Public Protector, the real owner, where binding Recommendations reside.

First it was Jacob Zuma who demanded ANOTHER State capture commission—which would in any event come to the same conclusions about his guilt; the @NPA_Prosecutes is setting up a dedicated task force to prosecute the state capture delinquents ;do you think that PP would be different?

One Twitter users named ERROL said that Let's educate you, chief. For the PP to write a report that is binding until reviewed, she needs to have actually done her investigation. For the Zondo commission to give her the reports, would have been a complete waste of time, against the constitution and useless.

Why would they not give them the reports because for some other response on Twitter that given them a report would be a waste of time and effort?

Also, kmoza said on Twitter. From experience of the previous commissions PIC and SARS the President acted, so this will be the same given that he didn't hide it from us, so we know what are those recommendations, so we know that those implicated wanted it to be secret hence this stance. Report should be given to enable us to carry out their work to the next level, even our constitution support that.

Another Twitter user called Real gabadiya za vaccinate The office of the PP gave a directive for the establishment of the Commission, and surely, they were aware of the legal framework upon which the commission will operate to ensure consequence management and punitive action thereof against the perpetrators of the state capture.

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