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"Tokoloshe Burned My ANC T-shirts And My ID" ANC Member Lament | OPINION

The post from the Daily Sun has been sighted on social media and it hauled more notoriety. The person whom the News Daily Sun reportedly has not been revealed but as the election looming so many things are happening and people even create their stories just to get so much attention and trends.

Source: Whatsapp

The champagnes are hot anyone has the potential to do anything to protect his / her party from relinquishing the elections. If you can take a look things are going forward with a mighty force. The small parties are growing and they gain so many votes. But all lies in hard work.

Parties spend so much money during these times hoping that they will champion the race. On another side, people are tired of empty promises they want to see things happening to their Vitality. If ever a certain party wins, they must make sure they keep promises they made to the people.


Source: WhatsApp

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