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Zimbabwean EFF Member Has Exposed How They Get SA Documents At Home Affairs

Foreigners in this country are starting to become a liability. This matter of illegal foreigners is not taken seriously by the government and this is just one of the reasons why they keep on doing what they do best. They are not afraid of anything because they know that politicians and the government are on their side. Or rather we can say the government is afraid of them because they do not want to be labeled as being xenophobic for talking about this country.

We have seen that ever since the Zim Work Permits were not renewed, Zimbabweans have been all out trying to ensure that they remain in this country by all mean necessary. Be it they break the law even go as much as threatening the government of this country.

Now Zimbabweans gather themselves and share how they get documents fraudulently in this country and they share this on social media. One would think that law enforcement will take up this and do some follow-up on this matter, but that is not the case.

It looks like the ultimate goal for Zimbabweans is to get a South African ID. But are concerned because getting the Zim Work Permit does not mean that one will get a South African ID. Here is how they get documents at home affairs.

They are getting assisted by home affairs officials or even by old people. They have to use the South African names and surnames and we have seen this happening on numerous accounts. This is according to Peter Tabarirwa who is also believed to be an EFF member. EFF is truly a problem in this country. South Africans need to be woke because EFF is not the party that they thought it is. It is not here to fight for them but Zimbabweans are quite friendly because many of them have joined the party. The mighty Julius Malema is nowhere to be seen now and explains how his members are telling people to break the laws of this country, but this does not come as a surprise because Malema himself told foreigners to come to this country using creative ways. Now they are also finding creative ways to be documented in the country.

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