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Road Accident

Alleged details on who was driving the car that claimed Mayor Matongo's life and the final moments

The eNCA news reporter, Heidi Giokos used her Twitter channel to share heartbreaking details on the alleged last moments of the late Mayor of Johannesburg, Jolidee Matongo. She also revealed some alleged details on whether the Mayor was driving the car or not.

One of the last ever pictures of Jolidee with President Cyril Ramaphosa

According to Heidi, the late Mayor was not the one driving the car when the fatal accident took place. It was also reported that the last moments before the fatal crash took place saw a driver of a bakkie trying to avoid hitting a pedestrian and subsequently hitting the car of the Mayor. Only the Mayor and the pedestrian lost their lives.


If you go through the Tweets above, you will notice that it is devastating that the accident took place on a dark road. The city of Johannesburg has been hit by poor service delivery for many years.

It is painful to say that poor service delivery by the ANC-led government contributed to the fatal accident. If the road had had good lighting, the driver of the bakkie would have managed to see the pedestrian and avoided the accident. The car that was transporting the late Mayor would not have been hit by the bakkie. The ANC-led government needs to use this as a wake-up call to work on infrastructure development.

It is now unsafe for motorists to travel at night because of the possibility of such accidents. Roads need to have good lighting to help avoid such tragedies from taking place.

It is heartbreaking to note that it has to take tragedies for the government to open its eyes and see how much it has let the people down.

Will the ANC ever manage to deliver what is required? Is it high time another government comes in and delivers what the ANC has failed for years?

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