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'Ndavi Nokeri Is A Zimbabwean' Ndaveri Nokeri's Identity Sends South Africa Talking

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Tribalism is growing in an alarming rate in South Africa. Last week Basotho trended too much in social media, after men wearing blankets raped 8 women and the race of Basotho was the talk of day on Twitter. Again the crowning of a Tsonga lady from Limpopo has Twitter talking as they asked her identity.

It looks as if the name is the problem. Some tribes in South Africa think they are special to be citizens of South Africa and they also wish their identity was all over South Africa. I always ask my myself why are we allowing such behaviors to our own black people. When God created us he saw humans that needs to fill the world and be happy living peaceful with others.

Comments From Twitter

Gauteng Maboneng

#MissSA2022 finalist Nokeri Ndavi is a Zimbabwe born and raised girl, came here

How come she is chosen to represent born & bred girls of our country.

Is this a common practice in other countries?

#OperationDudula #PutSouthAficansFirst #onsbaizenie @HomeAffairsSA

It's awkward

Tshepo Molubedu

The girl was born and raised in Tzaneen, Limpopo Province, South Africa. You are lying!!!!

Gauteng Maboneng

Her profile doesn't say that. It says she has roots in Zimbabwe. 

With the rise of fake identity scams in @HomeAffairsSA we can't let it slide as if a child of foreign parents is suddenly a SA citizen because she was born here. If she's a local girl, good. If not Go back to Zim


So let's say her parents were from Zim and she was born in mzansi so is she foreign? Lol. Barack Obama was president of America and he has roots in Kenya

If you read the comments above they tell us how we were emotionally destroyed apartheid system. The system that divided the black Bantu people of Southern Africa. Today as black people we see each other as enemies. We see other people to be dragged in Twitter because their names are not Zulu. Please South African we are one, no matter which race. The world we are one no matter white or black. Please our creator see us as beautiful creatures and one human race.

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Ndavi Nokeri Zimbabwean'


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