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Will These New Rules Finally Deal With Foreigners In South Africa?

Historically, South Africa has been a country that has been polarized by its attitude toward outsiders. According to official estimates, approximately 15 million of the country's residents are foreign nationals. This is why South Africa is considered to be one of the world's xenophobic epicenters, as some South Africans believe that foreigners are the root of the country's problems. When it comes to this subject, several political parties have had divisive views, but one party has introduced policies that appear to be aimed squarely at the root of the problem: foreigners living in South Africa.


As a new political party, Action SA has chosen that dealing with foreign nationals in South Africa will be its first order of business as a new political party. Due to the fact that they believe that many of them are undocumented, and that they are benefiting from the economy without contributing to it, they have done so. Their primary agenda consists of four regulations, which they claim will be put into effect immediately when they are elected.

In accordance with one of these restrictions, you are not permitted to conduct business in South Africa unless you have South African identification. It also stipulates that any business operating in South Africa must hire South Africans as employees. This is being done in order to try and eliminate the exploitation of illegal immigrants that is taking place in South African enterprises.

It is true that certain South African businesses are solely employing foreign nationals since they are so inexpensive compared to their local counterparts. The following is a representation of the four rules in action, as they have vowed to put them into effect if they win the elections:


Indeed, it is clear that this political group has something in mind when it comes to elections. Despite the fact that the ruling party and the opposition are finding it difficult to deal with this issue because some of these illegal aliens have been referred to as our brothers and sisters, this party appears to be committed to dealing with it firmly.

This means that these guidelines would assist South Africans in restoring their national glories while also enabling them to make ends meet without having to worry about foreign nationals being given first priority in the country.

What are your thoughts on the subject and on these four rules? Do you believe that they are doing everything they can to discriminate against foreign nationals in the United States?

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