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'What is the influence of SACP in South Africa's politics and ANC ? - OPINION

What is the influence of SACP into our politics and ANC? Do you know the size of membership of SACP in South Africa? Maybe you are still asking yourself if we are a free nation in a democratic set-up, but we are communists-controlled by some ticks hiding somewhere within ANC. Let me just unpack the bankable business plan of communism

1. Destroy education in order to create a class that would never contribute into any economy

2. Destroy manufacturing and create a few blue collar workers who are manning the gates of the state. Where there are no industries, people have no choice but work for the state

3. Destroy family units and where there is fragmentation, government always take control.

4. Destroy morality by destroying religion

5. Destroy communities by providing a widened social net

6. Make sure racial tensions are planted, all promotion of hatred by pointing a finger to a certain group by accusing it for something

7. Create conformists who believe that the state is the Big Daddy.

8. Kill self-sufficiency and cause demoralization.

9. Destabilize the country and take full control by introducing the state of emergency.

10. Cause youth unemployment, get drugs to flow into communities, build more prisons controlled and managed by some entities, and promote crime.


Let me pause here for now

The have an ideology of a classless society but they are the newly-promoted peasants, a better class making money without any sound businesses

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