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'What The President Is Accused Of Is Not Corruption' Tony Yengani Slams Madonsela For Saying This

It appears to be past Public Protector Advocate Thuli Madonsela has been conveyed a dead body to be eaten through the RET separation [pun intended] — this follows her obvious gatekeeper of President Cyril Ramaphosa on the PhalaPhalaGATE shock that shook the usa a few months earlier.

Madonsela said that Ramaphosa won't be committed for contamination as what may moreover have unfurled on his farm did at absolutely no point in the future particularly consolidate unlawful benefit of domain resources.

Her analysis irritated pretty some of ANC pioneers who're known to be completely against the president.

Carl Niehaus transformed into the in particular the blocks to convey a thrilling assault on Madonsela, and he become went with through Bathabile Dlamini, who besides had a legit degree to say.

Meanwhile, Yengeni, some other consistent RET safeguard who has checked his resistance to the President has shipped off a jaw-breaking 'assault' towards Madonsela.

He took to his certifiable Twitter account around the start of today to unequivocal acalectic scorn at Madonsela's probably safeguarding remarks for Cyril.

He whipped her for reality that she is a guideline educator and it become foul of her to protect guaranteed degenerate rounds of the President.

"A rule Professor safeguarding corruption..Dishonesty 101..Rhaaa! Imali inamanyala," Yengeni said.

By "imali inamanyala" — this infers that cash is profane, Yengeni is recommending that Madonsela may in addition have been outlandishly paid to accompany respects to the President.

One would now not be positive expecting Yengeni's comments have premise given that RET-changed partners could manage without Madonsela due to reality that she caught a couple of them inside the state clutch record.

The RET separation has been vociferous in its calls for Ramaphosa to surrender from his work, despite the way that the choice stays out on him and the PhalaPhalaGATE conversation.

Likewise, as Yengeni has illustrated, any individual who presents perspectives that seem to absolve the President of responsibility at the PhalaPhalaGATE, runs the risk of being pulled by mates who guide the RET.


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