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EFF's Vuyani Pambo Was Hijacked By Three Well Built Men


Economic Freedom Fighters head of presidency, Vuyani Pambo was hijacked on Monday night at his mother's place by "three well built men".

The red berets issued a statement that the hijack looks like it was premeditated as the men who had drove off with the car later abandoned it and managed to take Pambo's belongings and other EFF material.

"The armed men drove around with the vehicle, and fled with his personal belongings which include his passport, his identity document, organisational material and other valuables," the EFF revealed.

Vuyani Pambo was hijacked when he had visited his mother who lives in a very quiet neighborhood. Pambo and his family were however not harmed.

This hijacking of the EFF heavyweight although it left red berets angry, those who have been supporting Operation Dudula argue that EFF now experience what many have been talking about when it comes to crime.

Although it will be myopic to conclude that the hijackers were foreigners, some critics say the EFF must take the blame for encouraging illegal immigrants to find creative ways to enter South Africa.

"Let me get this straight, so the law enforcement must do their job, but illegal immigrants must find creative ways to get here? You encourage foreigners to break our country's laws then you come here and complain," some said.

"That's what happens when you open the flood gates for millions of hungry illegal immigrants.The sheer number of people in this country makes proper policing impossible," others said.

Crime however knows no nationality, and the red berets have been arguing that criminals must dealt with as such, not because of their nationality, but because they are criminals.

The red beret leader Julius Malema is in attendance at the Pan African Parliament. EFF said this is to ensure that the agenda of African Unity is maintained in the institution.

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Economic Freedom Fighters Vuyani Pambo


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