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"This One, You Can Tell He's Going To Steal" - ANC Man Divides SA

There is mostly thrown-around quote, which says "don't judge someone based on their appearance, looks can be very deceiving." Whoever coined this phrase was not entirely far away from the truth, because we have bourne witness of handsome and extremely beautiful people being engaged in despicably heinous crimes.

PHOTO: Twitter

However, while still at it, one cannot really blame those who formulate suspicious opinions and other conspiracy theories about people whose looks somewhat exhibit dodgy characters.

Following the ANC's chair of the electoral committee, Kgalema Motlanthe's report that the party has been hijacked by gangsters and thugs, in particular those who have no interest of serving the people, South Africans were divided on twitter, this after a poster of a potential candidate of the Ophongo Municipality began making rounds on social media.

PHOTO: Timeslive

Mduduzi Shongwe has been chosen by his ward to be its representative at the 1 November local government elections.

But what was supposed to be a political debate became a 'beauty contest', with Qxabhashe posting on his twitter account that: "This one? You can see that he is going to do that." Essentially drawing an inference that, just by sheer looks, Shongwe would loot if he was to be voted into office.

Screenshot: Twitter

When others weighed in to support his contention, those who know and have personally interacted with Shongwe, stated that he was an honest man who has been overlooked by the rich people from the Ophongolo area.

The jury will remain out on whether Shongwe is an honest man or not, 1 November will determine if he campaign message would have resonated with the people to facilitate his aim of becoming the new Councillor.


Do you think it's fair to judge Shongwe's content of character based on how he looks. Do you think it is evident enough to be used as a barometer when candidate selection is done?

Don't hesitate to engage us by dropping your comments in the comment section below, also don't forget to share the article with family and friends to widen the scope of the debate.

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