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(Video): Zelensky sends strong message to Africans.


Hunger isn't neutral, and this is why Africa can not go to take a neutral position in the Russian war, Zelenskyy said in his exclusive interview with African media.

The President of Ukraine maintained that hunger comes to a country, no matter what station the state had taken before the war. Zelenskyy also promised that Ukraine will supply all countries, including those in Africa, with grain and wheat.

We all know they shaking on their knees because BRICS is growing which will favour Africans big time. Putin is standing establishment and imperturbable now they want to emotionally buy us, we not poor and dying you obtruded with us.

Zelenskyy must stay distance from African he allowed westerns to turn his country into a fighting ground. he is permanently asking for arms he does not need. let him face the music with his musketeers. And by the way Russia isn't fighting Ukraine but fighting NATO.

Russia has more respect than the US in the transnational community. Why has Russia been more reputed than the US in the world?

I believe Prince Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud put the reason for this veritably shortly and to the point; when asked, how come he's so friendly and regardful towards Putin, when Saudi Arabia is a known supporter of the US, he said — “ Putin is the only Western politician I know who always keeps his word. No matter whether it's a inked agreement or just words spoken behind unrestricted doors with no substantiations, he always delivers on his pledges. ”

We Africans agree, we saw how he destroyed rebels in an African country in just few months after being called on for help by us...but U.S has been fighting those rebels for years without success, sometimes you even wonder if sabotage is at play, if U.S is just letting situation get out of control on purpose.

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