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A Foreigner Became ANC Member Fraudulently, And Malema Catches Heat

An investigation by the African National Congress has shown that Philemon Lukhele, one of those accused of murdering Hillary Gardee, gained his ANC membership through a sham process, putting Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema under more pressure.

As a foreign national from Swaziland, Lukhele is alleged to have been ineligible to join the African National Congress.

Although it is unclear how he earned his membership, the ANC alleges that it was obtained fraudulently.

"An ANC member who was not a South African citizen joined the organization using false information. He moved on to become a researcher in the office of the ANC Chief Whip, where he worked for a few years. After that, we signed a contract with Mpumalanga University to provide student housing.

Hillary Gardee was raped and murdered as a result of his actions. ANC, on the other hand, is in charge of society. As delegates to ANC conferences, these are the kind of people who are selected "The exposure of Lukhele enraged many.

Some ANC members have turned to blaming Julius Malema instead of holding their leadership accountable and asking the essential questions about how Philemon Lukhele was able to join the ANC despite the fact that he did not qualify.

According to the red beret leader, his party's open-border policy has led to an increase in illegal immigrants in the country, and some of whom are at the forefront of criminal activity.

"Malema is following in the footsteps of Helen Zille's predecessor. A strong and beautiful brand has been built by him.

Just 10% of people are behind this brand, yet it is incredibly powerful. After all the time and effort that went into building it, he's still arrogant about it "a fellow ANC member puts the responsibility squarely on Julius Malema.

There is a tweet at vulPo6ZR5P0n31nAQ and s=19.

For the ANC, Philemon Lukhele's case demonstrates that they are always looking for someone to blame and blame but themselves.

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