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Jacob Zuma finally set to reveal a Top secret about December.

Former President Jacob Zuma has been threatening to leak information on the ANC leadership and corruption for a long time. Zuma has hinted that the ruling party is accusing him of corruption, but the problem is far deeper than we realize. Former President Bill Clinton claims his innocence. Zuma wanted financial details from the Nelson Mandela Foundation in August in order to establish his innocence. The ANC, on the other hand, claimed that the records were destroyed during a flood at Luthuli House. This was interpreted as a hint that the ANC is concealing something significant. 

Zuma intimated that his arrest had nothing to do with him being in contempt of court when he was detained. He was adamant about the political nature of his conviction. Well, it appears that the former President will finally tell the world the "truth." Zuma will be interviewed for a book that will be out soon. 

Zuma has plans in place for the month of December. The long-awaited book will be released in the second or third week of December 2021, according to the Jacob Zuma Foundation. The book appears to be jam-packed with reverting material. "Details will be released as soon as possible. Keep an eye on the foundation's Facebook page "On Thursday, the Foundation released a statement. 

Jacob Zuma, Jacob Zuma, Jacob Zuma, Jacob Zuma, Jacob Zuma Speaks, the book may be what Mzansi needs to finally understand what happened under Zuma's presidency. People, however, are expected to be disappointed by the unsubstantiated claims, victim mentality, and other lies that will pervade this book, according to public opinion. We all know Zuma has the drop on every top ANC politician, and he has the drop on them as well. However, I don't believe this book has any secrets; Zuma has far too much at stake for a mutually assured annihilation approach. However, based on Zuma's daughter's enthusiasm for the book, it appears that it has some explosive substance! 

Carl Niehaus, an ANC veteran, says he is very excited to read! "Now, more than ever, we need Zuma's wisdom," Do you believe the book will contain any shocking truths, as the foundation claims? 

Here are some screenshots of other South Africans' reactions to the book: 

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