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Somalians Are All Over QwaQwa|| See Who Is At The Forefront Of A Service Delivery Protest

South Africans need to fight even harder so that the issue of illegal foreigners can be resolved. It has become clear that the government is not ready it is not willing to deal with this matter as it unfolds. All they do is cry xenophobia but they do not have any lasting solution to the problem.

The people of South Africa want the police to demand to see ID documentation for everyone in the country. Not only those who they suspect are foreigners. This is so that those who live in this country those who are here illegally, can be deported back to their countries. But Ramaphosa condemned the police for doing the job that they are deployed to do. This is why the people will have to fight even harder if they are to win this. One can see that the government is protecting foreigners and this is because those in power are not affected at all by this. After all, they live in their mansions with high walls and heavy security.

These people are taking over South Africa. Qwaqwa is one place that they are now invading. Community members are having a strike in that part of the country as they complain about poor service delivery. They don't have water and the roads are bad.

But you would think that it would be the people of QwaQwa who will be at the forefront of the march but no, it is foreigners at the front. A Somalian who can't even speak early is speaking on behalf of the people of QwaQwa. South Africans are all at the back and listen to this man as he talks. This is an embarrassment.

This is an embarrassment not only to the people of QwaQwa but to the whole of South Africa. Nothing like this will ever happen in other countries. Somalia will never allow a South African to do what they are doing now in QwaQwa. This just shows how easily foreigners can take over South Africa just like that.

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