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Voice Note: Foreign Nationals Plan To Arm Themselves Agaisnt Operation Dudula Members. Listen Here.

Voice Note: Foreign Nationals Plan To Arm Themselves Agaisnt Operation Dudula Members. 

The Immigrantion crisis of South Africa has gotten out of hand. Movements such as Operation Dudula have been formed to get to the bottom of the crisis, however, it looks like foreign nationals will be ready to fight back. 

A voice note was shared on social media with with foreign national talking. This voice note had been circulating on Whatsapp and one person shared it on Twitter. 

The foreign national speaking on the video is heard saying that they have AK47s and they will be delivering them to their guys. They say that they will shoot to kill should anyone approach them. The speaker says that they have created groups for all nationals and should anyone be bothered by anyone they should send their location to group and they will be there to fight for them. You may listen to the voice note below. 

Foreign nationals are ready to fight to stay in the country. This seems disrespectful as they should not be allowed to be in the country Illegally. More over, the speaker disrespected the rules of the country as they now want to shoot anyone down in their own country. 

The government needs to do something about this as the immigration crisis has not only disturbed the peace of South Africans but also the stability of South Africa. 

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