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Opinion|| EFF Demands For Coalition Are Nothing But Sets Of Wish List Ideologies & Revenge Tactics

EFF has made people believe that they will create a just more equitable society that is prosperous, stable with an expanding political economy.

The party also believes that it increases levels of community safety and high levels of trust among all South Africans. Looking at their coalition demands they seem not to have any idea about the difference between the local municipality and national governance. These intellectuals must understand that municipalities are all about the provision of local public goods and services, it is all about clean and safe streets, reliable sources of necessities in local wards, and also the management of rubbish. But the EFF seems to be persecuted by its ideological wish-dream and operates in the most extreme bad faith.

Bad faith in that they attempt to escape the responsibility to recognize one's strength and weakness, and overall weaken its political objectives. They cannot explain what it can do in the actual and real domains of the places where people reside, work, and play as this matters the most. In their demands for the coalition for municipal governance instead of explaining how they will ensure community safety, public goods, and services in the community wards where they have councils, they have turned to their long-term revolutionary populist objectives.

The following is what they are demanding with whomever they decided to merge with:

1. Amendment of the Constitution to realize land expropriation without compensation in six months

2. Creation of State bank in six months

3. Nationalization of the South African Reserve Bank in 12 months

4. Cancellation of students debt in 12 months

5. Creation of state Pharmaceutical company in 12 months

6. Passing of insourcing bill in 12 months

7. Die Stem must be removed from the national anthem in 12 months

8. Opening of clinics for 24 hours seven days a week

9. Provision of free water and electricity for all Sassa beneficiaries

Just by these demands which the EFF has submitted as their basis of entering into Coalition none of these addresses the empirical, actual, and real problems that beset society on daily basis. Though these seem reasonable and also requirements, they are in the domain of national public policy-making and legislation. This makes it impossible for them to consider the most basic aspects of local government. This is so for these two reasons:

Centralization of all power - one of the reasons the EFF seem to have little to no interest or expressed willingness to address the practicalities of local government may lie in the Austere Marxist-Leninism to which they are committed. It is their basic documents and whatever passes for Constitution. They would more likely do away with provinces as the EFF leader explained last month. This is how the Soviet Union centralized governance and defeated even the democratic centralists which were quite brutal most especially under Joseph Stalin.

Intellectual dead-end - Intellectual honesty makes us believe that the EFF wants to create a just, more equitable society that is prosperous, stable with expanding political economy and solid distribution mechanisms, and increasing levels of community safety and high levels of trust among the citizens, which is an approached to be applied to all political parties. Based on their demands for entering into local government coalitions the EFF seems to have run down an intellectual dead end. They have not shown or convinced anyone how it will ensure that rubbish is collected every week or whether the local libraries are functional but have just held on to their Marxist -Leninist theories.

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EFF Revenge Tactics


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