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OPINION| Zimbabweans, Are you Going to Vote for Timothy Mncube ?

Economic success or vagaries should ideally not be the basis of leading, launching, and driving a sustainable membership of any political party unless it's opportunism devoid of fibre. Its a moving target which may change depending on the party leading the country at any given time economic success or failures. The reason we have several parties including this latest one is that most, not all, political parties have not learnt from the book " good to great" which teaches that any entity must preserve the core.The core is the vision, mission,core values, ideology and principles. Our parties have none of those because they want vote depending on success or failure of another party policies.

In mature democracies you will realise two or three parties survive decades because the core is preserved.What are our political parties core?.You will get the left or right or centre left or centre right as ideology but not here

Our model is to hang on just anything that is going wrong or right to make a campaign not an entrenched way.Reason even after assuming power you get shock on direction the old or new leaders take, simply no core

We will have lots of these political parties because they have no ever lasting vision, mission, core values, ideology, principles etc but they all depend on economic success or failure. We are celebrating mediocrity across the board, when we get serious about this country we shall emphasize the core and competence not moving targets

Political party moves for quotas based on gender and age is a luxury we can't afford, this country need the most competent people to achieve big, hairy and audacious goals. I don't think age and genitals should be basis of competence or lack, the very best person for the job or council or constituency chete.

Instead the quota system must have silos of technocrats, experts and professionals like economists, engineers, social scientists, lawyers, accountants, agronomists, etc so that we have balanced debates in parliament, well thought policy and legislative agenda, informed monitoring and evaluation and a great pool to appoint ministers and deputies.

As it is MPs couldn't field and debate SDRs yet the money will be finished in few months. No one questions costs and prices of vaccination program, no one questions these horrendous costs of infrastructure projects and the transparency around them. No one questions project priority lists, no one questions debt assumptions, beneficiaries of government largesse etc 

When the sdr money get finished then we receive audit report then we start the noise, and only for a short time yet sadly more noise when it comes to MP benefits or remuneration.


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