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OPINION: Zimbabweans ZEP permit renewal decision may have been revoked

It's a lot of South Africans are celebrating over this, but it may be too soon. Our fellow brothers and sisters who are from Zimbabwe have received bad news ever. Let's take is easy it may be that the permits have been revoked, but with the government having something in mind. It is very much possible that something better than those Zimbabwean exemption permits is on the pipeline, so if I was you I wouldn't celebrate too early.

I understand that the end of Zimbabwe exemption permits is stressing a lot of them, but it could be that the government has got something better, it could happen that the government got another thing that they are planning, so if i were you, I wouldn't celebrate, it's too early.

It could be very much worrying indeed, but this might not be the end. I understand that a lot of our African brothers they depended on these special permits. They give them a better stay for over 5 years, sometimes they would be renewed for 3 years, sometimes for 4 years. It would make them not to worry about being harassed by the law.

They were even given a bit of special treatment at the border gate because of this worker's permits, especially going in Zimbabwe and when they were coming back to South Africa. This permits were playing a major role. These permits were very vital For traveling, for staying, for studying, for working and for having a good relationship with the other Institutes like banks and of the places ware leagal documents are required.

So if it is over like many South Africans wanted, I guess it's bad but it may not be. Maybe the government has listened to the outcry of many South Africans for foreigners to go, or even the going with the idea of the president of Kenya that Africa should do away with borders, let’s just wait and see what will happen next. Maybe the government wants to go back to visas.

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