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Corruption in South Africa is Taking us Back to the Apartheid Regime. opinion.

2009-2040 South Africa's Dark Age?

Dealing with the apartheid legacy was tough enough, but we managed to overcome some of it's structural problems like segregation, exclusion and cultural chauvinism. But addressing the legacy of the ANC is going to be infinitely more complex and nigh impossible, We don't have same political leadership, the police force, the fiscal resources, the SOEs, the municipalities that we previously had to build the post ANC economy, jobs and infrastructure

There was no corruption, factionalism and assassinations to render GEAR unworkable. No anti-white racism or Africanist majoritarianism to exclude other races from jobs. After a few years of austerity and moratorium on public sector employment, we had accumulated a surplus. The Zuma regime ushered in a period of destruction unparalleled in the modern world except in Africa. And there is no end in sight. We are trapped in the Sinai Wilderness Syndrome, 40 years wandering in the wilderness

Apartheid bequeathed to the ANC a functioning state apparatus to build on and transform. The ANC simply destroyed it. Government is not a going concern in many areas. Without the requisite leadership, management, money and culture, how does another government rebuild PRASA, water reticulation infrastructure, SANRAL, rural municipalities, the economy itself ?

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