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All the workers at Kream restaurant are Zimbabweans according to Malema

Julius Malema is one person that we will never understand but because he is a politician, people can understand why is always flip-flopping every chance he gets. The worst part is that he does this with his follower and they just follow him. Malema is never wrong in front of their eyes but some are just doing it because they will get paid at the end of the end.

Malema once said that he will never change his stunt on foreigners and if that means that he has to lose the votes and the chance of becoming a president, that is what he will do. He seemed so certain that he wanted all his brothers and sisters close to him. He said they must come all illegally and now that they are here, he is changing his tune again.

Malema knew very well the situation at the Kream restaurant in Mall of Africa because it is alleged that he always goes there. He knows that people who work there are foreigners and he has been posing for pictures with them. Him going there to check the ratio between the Foreigners and South Africans is just a political stunt. He wants people to know to relax saying that the EFF has checked those restaurants but we know that this man can not be trusted.

PutSouthAfricaFirst must visit all those places that the EFF has gone to and check the legitimacy of what they are saying. We can't be fooled by Julius Malema. Come 2024, we are not voting for the EFF.

Now that some of these foreigners who are working have to be let go so that there can be 60% and 40%, he and his party must again ensure that those people return to their home countries because he is the one who told them to come to this country. He must give them a lift.

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