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Opinion - Zuma rescission judgement is to be delivered tomorrow

I just saw now that President Zuma rescission judgement is to be delivered tomorrow. I just saw again that the Zonduzuma commission is seeking yet for another extension.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to calculate one plus one to give you a verdict that President Zuma should present himself at that circus commission, then he will get his rescission.

Remember? Those with robes who call themselves judges are actually hired guns to master the art of politicking. Do we have judges or politicians?

Remember when you are undecided to vote ANC, always remember how they harrassed the 80 year old statesman with intent to embarrass him and his family and ultimately bankrupt him financially.

Problem becomes when one takes instructions from White Capital to incarcerate President Zuma without procedure and trial and agrees, your wish is my command my Baas until you realise that by the way, it's voting season for Local Government Elections (LGE) and you run back to your Basses to ask that Zuma be released for purposes of LGE to lull the masses because "Blacks forget easily and forgive easily evidently so after apartheid".

"Zuma is going to be arrested in stages" Fikile Mbalula on CNN.

Accordingly, we are going to punish ANC also in stages on Local Government Elections and National polls as well.

Good Night to RET forces except Abathengisi (sellouts)

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