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Cyril Ramaphosa is now in Big Trouble With Zuma's Legal Team After He did this

On Sunday evening, the president of the country was given the opportunity to address the entire country. This address was intended to provide an update to the country on the next step the country will take in the fight against the new Delta version of the Coronavirus, which has emerged. With only modest alterations, he stated that the country would remain in level 4 of the lockdown. Moreover, he emphasized to the South Africans why this decision was so important. In his response to the question of free Zuma protests, he created the one issue that needed to be addressed.

The entire country of South Africa was looking on Cyril Ramaphosa to restore some kind of order to the current anarchy that has erupted in the country, but he failed to do so. Instead, the president of South Africa fanned the flames even further, infuriating the vast majority of the country's citizens. Following this decision, the Jacob Zuma Foundation has decided to initiate legal action against the current president of South Africa for his statements. They believe that the President's statements were extremely careless and reckless.

President Jacob Zuma stated in his inaugural address that most of the strikes were the result of "ethnic mobilization," implying that it was only the Zulu people who were wreaking havoc across the country. This is what enraged them even more than before. They are asking one question: how can the president of the country divide the country with such a statement? They are asking several questions. According to the president, the Zulu nation is now to be held responsible for all that has happened in South Africa in recent years.

Almost immediately after the president made that statement, the protests became much more violent overnight. The Jacob Zuma Foundation highlighted how such material was extremely harmful to the nation and constituted a breach of human rights in violation of international law. The foundation stated that it intends to take the president to the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) in response to a remark he made on Sunday against the charity. This will ensure that he is more cautious about what he says the next time he engages in such behavior.

Not only is the foundation outraged by what the president said, but so is the entire nation. They believe that with just that one statement, the president demonstrated that he did not care about the United States of America. Other ethnic groups will now engage in looting, and Jacob Zuma's Zulu people will be held responsible for it. It appears that the president needs to be more careful with his words.

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