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Police Housing Units In Zambia Leaves Many In Stitches

We know that the government in the African continent are trying so hard to ensure that people live decent lives which proves to be hard to do for many countries.

As much as the gorvenment is looking out for ordinary citizens, they still have to do the same for people who are working in the gorvenment.

Government would from time to time build housing for police, the army and other civil servants. Many countries are struggling to put proper housing and some its because they really can not afford while some is because of pure corruption.

Africa Facts Zone posted pictures of the housing units in Zambia and this left many people in stitches. They could not believe it. The houses look the part and one would not think that these house are police units. People were just in shock given what other countries consider as police units. It's like Zambia is not part of Africa.

Many people have been trying to come up with all sorts of reason why Zambia is able to achieve such housing while other countries are struggling. On the other hand there are countries which have housing allowance for government officials. People should not be forced to live in hostel kind of a setup. People should live were they wish to live.

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