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The DA Guilty of Ethnic Cleansing in New Posters, claims South Africans.

A new image going viral in the internet shows us something perculiar. A major change that has happened recently within South Africas political landscape. This change has solely focused on the Democratic Alliance, and it's change from what looked like a female lead party to a male lead party, but why is this. Below are all the details, why it may have happened and what it means for South Africa.

From ladies to men, From Color to white :

As we can see in the image above, the change the Democratic Alliance has recently gone through. From all female lead in Helens time to all male lead in John's time. One Facebook user joked that they went from Destiny's Child to Westlife. However the change even goes deeper than that, the female lead group shows different races together, however in the male lead picture we see that it is now all white men. Of course South Africa had to have a say in this.

South Africans quickly noticed the change and some called it "Ethnic Cleaning" and a return to the past. Someone else said that the DA went from a rainbow nation to a lily white leadership. Sadly seeing a political party remove their Women and people of color from representing them is a bad sign.

This "Restore Factory Settings" as South Africans call it is particularly troubling as it shows a reflection of the all white leadership of the old South Africa, which is something South Africans do not want to see as it brings up past trauma. People won't likely vote for a group that reminds them of the Apartheid regime as they want a free and fair South Africa. What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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