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OPINION| What Will Our President Say About the War Veterans Who Held Modise Hostage ?

An Open Dear Mr President

On the evening of the 14th of October 2021, our Ministers of Defense as well as the Minister in your Office were held hostage by a paramilitary group, calling itself the "war veterans" in Pretoria. This by all accounts is an act of treason or something closer to it. This doesn't only undermine the legitimacy of our constitutional democracy, but threatens state security

Mr President, I would have thought, as a Commander in Chief of our Security Forces, having realized that your own authority and the sovereignty of our country was being tested, and that the ministers of Defense were being undermined, YOU would suspend all that you are doing and give us the assurance that you are in fact in charge of the country! I expected a command from you that very evening and no later. Sadly that wasn't to be! I actually thought you may be out of the country on some AU business. As I write this note to you, you have not yet made a statement to that effect, unless I missed it

Mr President, you compromised the stature of our Ministers of Defense and consequently, of the military, in that they had to give a public account of what had happened amid their traumatic experience of that fateful evening. The trauma was just too visible to ignore! As they were giving that account, they were speaking in contradictory terms because they had to protect and save the integrity, of the state while suppressing their true feelings

Mr President, the next day of this traumatic event, I discovered that you were in fact in the country, busy with your party's LGE campaign as though nothing has happened. You were, during that campaign in Pretoria, very jovial as if you had no knowledge of the happenings the previous evening. Mr President, you may not understand this, but our country's security is definitely under threat. The lawlessness that takes place is simply unprecedented the events of July may well be coming back to haunt usAll we need from you Mr President, is the reassurance that we are indeed still living in a safe country under your command. We want you to be responsible Commander you have made us believe you

I wonder if he is aware of what happened on Thursday, we should remember that what happened that day is of their own doing, he failed to stand up and command when the country was burning with looting to or we can call it factionalism, within our ruling party. EC taxis and Somalians fought no word from him, to him what matters is for the thieves to win this coming elections the rest shall follow

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