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Malema Reveals the Person He thinks Should Become the Next President of Zimbabwe/Opinion


Julius took to social media to reveal the person he thinks should take over Zimbabwe as the president. According to Malema he believes this person will make a good leader and better than the current president who has run the country into the ground .

Zimbabwe has been a failing country for the past 30 years. Ever since Mugabe took over it has been in shambles .He turned it into a dictatorship country.There is no democracy, no unemployment and its citizens are fleeing to other countries like SA and Botswana to seek a better life.

Malema thinks Barbara will make a good president .She believes she has what it takes to make Zimbabwe great again .She was in the Pan African Parliament along with Malema and they seem to have gotten along pretty well.

However in a country like Zimbabwe its almost impossible to have a woman as a president.People still have that mentality that they cant be led by a woman.Also right now to remove the Zanu PF seems impossible too , they running a dictatorship where even if people dont vote for them theu still win because they riddle the elections .

Also Malema must stop focusing on politics of other countries and focus on his country's politics.Saying that the lady will make a good replacement to the current Zim President is directly putting her life in danger .They can start seeing her as a threat to we all know what happens to people who are seen as threats to the current Government in Zimbabwe.

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