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Fikile Mbalula opens a can of worms after swearing at the former ANC spokesman Carl Niehaus

Carl Niehaus (born 25 December 1959) is the former spokesman for the South African ruling party the African National Congress, a former spokesman for Nelson Mandela, and was a political prisoner after being convicted of treason against South Africa's former apartheid government. He stepped down as ANC spokesman in February 2009 after admitting to the maladministration of his finances, extensive borrowing from political contacts, and fraud, notably feigning the death of his mother, Magrietha Niehaus‚ to get out of 4.3 million rand debt owed to a landlord. He is a vocal supporter of former President Jacob Zuma.

Fikile April Mbalula (born 8 April 1971 in the Free State) is a South African politician who is currently serving as Minister of Transport. He previously served as both Minister and Deputy Minister of police and Minister of Sports and Recreation. Mbalula is a member of the National Executive Committee of the African National Congress and former leader of the African National Congress Youth League. He is ethnically a Mpondomise, his clan name is Jola. Mbalula also serves as the head of elections for the African National Congress.

The fight between Carl Niehaus and Fikile Mbalula is getting heated up and they are not taking it anywhere else but they are taking it on social media where everyone can see it. And this means people will also get involved and when I mean getting involved they are turning against Fikile Mbalula, as some people have lost respect for him as they feel that his unprofessional behavior is getting out of hand.

And this started when Fikile Mbalula Tweeted: We didn't lose elections we lost to coalitions bcos of our failure to garner an outright majority to govern. # coalitions— FIKILE MBALULA | MR FIX (@MbalulaFikile) November 24_ 2021.

But Carl didn't let this go as he also hit back on his Twitter account by writing this below:

When this clown, and blower of hot air, @ MbalulaFikile, was made @MYANC Head of Elections I warned that it will end in tears. I do not find any pleasure in saying: "I have told you so" because our beloved Liberation Movement suffers severely, but I have warned you.

I think Mbalula thought he must say something as he also decided to post something that got people fuming when he decided to post Carl Niehaus's picture on his Twitter account with the caption Be CAREFUL OF IMIGODOYI:

And Imigodoyi is plural for ‘Umgodoyi’, a Zulu word that means a stray dog that goes around eating from rubbish bins & stealing food from people’s houses/killing livestock.

For derogation purposes, it is used to refer to a human being who figuratively displays similar qualities.

But after saying that Carl Niehaus also came to hard after sharing this as well:

After what Mbulula wrote about Carl Niehaus people started commenting and judging from the comments people were not happy at all. As it is people are not happy with ANC and with Mbalula always tweeting this kind of thing his making things worse. He should just lay low and stop all things because it's not helping anyone. Carl and Mbalula must fix their differences as now people are getting involved.

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