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Warrant of arrest issued for Bushiri and R200 000 bail revoked.

Sheperd Bushiri, the well known prophet who fled the South Africa to their country home in Malawi on weekend with his wife Mary, have to return to South Africa because their bail has been revoked. The high court has issued the warrant of arrest for both Sherperd and his wife. South africans are angry that, how did he even manage to fly out of the country with the help of the authorities. There are suspisions that his country's President has helped him escape, because he was delayed to leave South Africa, and next thing he is gone and Bushiri is also gone. However the South African government has dismissed the allegations and said, he couldn't have done that.

In other news he was welcomed with warm hands in his home country Malawi yesterday. The Malawian government made a welcome ceremony for him, this only proves that his country isn't paying attention to his illegal bussinesses in South Africa. Anyway below it's some of the pictures about how South African citizens feels about this Bushiri issue.

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