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Convicted Child Molester Will Not Resign As Mayor

Jeffrey Donson, Kannaland's convicted child rapist mayor, is not going anywhere, and neither is his deputy, Werner Meshoa, a convicted fraudster who was previously fired as a teacher after being found guilty of sexual misconduct with a student. The Independent Civic Organisation of South Africa (Icosa), of which Donson is the head and Meshoa is the national chairwoman, came out in strong support of its leader when they were elected to their council posts last week, criticizing media coverage.

After the news reported on their election despite their convictions, various organizations against gender-based violence expressed their alarm and demanded Donson's dismissal, and the ANC, who had formed a coalition with Icosa in Kannaland, declared that it would reconsider the deal. The Commission on Gender Equality also stated that it will look into Donson's re-election. "The sudden negative media coverage is a well-orchestrated strategy to undermine the positive work done by Icosa for the community of Kannaland and to impugn the community's constitutional rights to elect public representatives of their choice," said Dawid Kamfer, the organization's provincial chairperson.

"Icosa respects all South Africans' rights, including political rights, by which every person has the right to vote in elections for any legislative body created in the line of the Constitution, to stand for public office, and to hold office if elected." He stated that Donson's life had always been open to the public and that he had never hidden any aspects of it from the public. Donson, according to Kamfer, had no idea the girl he raped in 2004 was 15 at the time and "assumed she was of legal age."


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