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Nhlanhla says politicians do not have security to fight against community challenges, see reactions

As I prepare for that drug dealer's case tomorrow at Guidepost magistrate court, I'm reminded how some politicians don't have programs that fight against community challenges.

They just talk at rallies but dololo action in our real lives; hence they support drug dealers.

The political party whom you support(ANC) who is also in government, what are they doing? What are their programs? We have politicized this movement, and you are an ANC agent to fight the EFF. I was beginning to take you seriously, but then I realized that you aren't honest like you're trying to portray yourself to be. There are Ramaphosa scandals every day but, you never tweet about them, not even once. He is not a politician to start entertaining ANC internal factional battles.

Why should he drag himself to Arthur Fraser's allegations? He said Eskom must be privatized, and we know for whom. 

tighten up the rules and enforce them, I don’t understand why you have to shift blame, our borders are porous because of the ruling party that you belong to, and you are not just a member there, you have a special relationship with the top leaders. Everything he fights for will only be done by his party because they are our government, Our advice would be done what you believe in without coming for the EFF. It's not the point at all. You're just kicking against a brick hurting yourself, boy. You never mention anything about CR17, but you forever attack EFF. 

I had to go through the tweet again to check if he ever mentioned EFF but dololo. It's just that some of you assume he mentioned it because you know malema only talks at rallies, but dololo actions. Lux has mentioned “politicians” not EFF or ANC or DA, 

The problem of this country is not foreigners as you claim. The difficulty is the government of the day and economy, which is in the hands of few whites. You are pretending as if you don't know what the difficulty is. Using another black African to make ourself popular.

But the government of the day is his party; therefore he can’t direct his anger towards them, As a Soweto I would like to remind u that Eskom is an SOE and it not for sale. Stop involving our people who are political bankrupt into pushing an agenda which will benefit the WMC as you doing wt the spaza business, paving way for PNP Shop rite and to run spaces in the township. 


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