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Here are six pictures of White Woman who support the EFF and why I think they do. Opinion.

The EFF is a political party run by Julius Malema and it's been very controversial for a while. This is because of it's stance on certain political issues and how it chooses to deal with those issues. Regardless of this there are a large number of people who support the EFF and while many would assume that would only be black South Africans, they would be wrong. In fact here are six pictures of White Woman who have chosen to support the EFF and my opinion on this.

While people of different colors supporting a political party shouldn't be surprising, it is here, as the EFFs stance on race, land expropriation and many other things aren't exactly pro white. Instead it seems like the goal of the EFF is to uplift black South Africans more than anything else. So why would any white person choose to support this.

We have to remember that apartheid ended decades ago, so we cannot consider all white people racist. It could be that white people just want to see black people uplifted and are willing to support a political party who does that. Here we see a group of white woman standing with Julius Malema and from the smiles on there faces they are clearly enjoying it.

It could also be that the current white generation is younger and have not experienced apartheid so they don't support it. For them joining the EFF may be a way to make up for the racism that there father's and grandfather's implemented on Black people. Like the young white girl above who is openly showing how much she supports the EFF.

What do you think of these observations and do you support my opinion. Tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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