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When facts like these are said in Zimbabwe 'varakashi' go into hiding

Our bar has been so low such that ZANUPF is now campaigning using Beitbridge renovations, road repairs, a new Parliament and an airport project. It is like a father who comes home and demands respect because he bought food for the family, this is even worse because at least the father would have worked for the food money, in this case it s our money

They celebrate renovations at Beitbridge but they don’t tell you that the deal was so bad that YOU will be paying a foreign company for the next 17 years. Kazungula bridge was built from scratch for US$259 million, Beitbridge renovations are costing you US$300 million, and we are asked to celebrity such mediocrity? ZANUPF and its supporters should learn something called Critical Thinking before they embark on these propaganda roadshowsZimbabwe is wealthy and it could have this type of tram transport system in every city and town without having to borrow a penny from outside, as long as the looting is stopped. This is why we are fighting corruption, so that we live in a country where driving is a choice and not a necessary, and here we are being asked to celebrate debt to renovate a border post. We don’t celebrate renovations of a border post because we know better, renovating a border post should be an ordinary thing in the ordinary life of any decent nation.

Imagine Boris Johnson campaigning on the basis that he renovated a border post. Our people must learn to dream and visualize a better future outside ZANUPF’s corrupt and incompetent rule. We want new modern infrastructure like trams in this video, we want a train between Harare and Chitungwiza! The French have done it for less than US$100 million.

The money is there as we have proved, but it is being looted, ZANUPF looters are smuggling gold worth US$100 million every month, it means we could have these trams even at growth points moving our people. Yet we are asked to celebrate ZUPCO and closing of potholes, they don’t have Shy as my Arcadia friends would say

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