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Haibo Checkout How Much Bribe Foreigners Pay At The Border To Get Acces Into Mzansi (read this)

Looking around many townships and cities countrywide today, The number of undocumented migrants always makes about close to a quarter of the total popular of that particular city,townships which according to my view this is too extreme I mean look at it tho way, It is the number of undocumented migrants which are making that much and there is still more legal immigrants in this places meaning that if we should combine them they make about quarter the population,Trully soeaking such is not good news to the people of those lands for it means more competition for jobs and other necessities in life.

So now looking at this whole situation,have you ever wondered how those who are undocumented migrants makes it in and out mzansi in the first places since our boarders are protected by armed soldiers and so on. Well Mr of Home Affairs South Africa Mr Aaron Motswaledi has finally spilled the beans in this entire situation. According to my source

What minister Aaron said about undocumented migrants entering South Africa is that he said they pay the law officials at the borders about R300 going upwards to be granted access in and out our county, Well such is not even a surprise to me, I mean we are living in a country nearby police are taking bribe on a daily basis not to mention our traffic officers whom even have a term for this bribery cash calling it "cold drink"

However it seems like some people were surprised by what Aaron has said and now all that has left them with a lot to say on social media. Refer to the screenshots below to see what some of them said.

So now with all thing being said and you're looking to the issue of our officers taking bribe from a view that it is actually all sort of officers we have who take this bribes including politicians and soldiers what do you have to say about this one giving undocumented migrants access in our country for R300? 

Do you blame them for doing that, or maybe you think that they are doing so because they are being under-paid like other governments employee's? Please write us some comments below

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