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LEAKED | ANC cut ties with another mayor as he's arrested, Here's what happened The Western Cape ANC has eliminated an alliance concurrence with indicted convicted mayor Jeffrey Donson. In 2008, Donson, an individual from (Icosa), was sentenced for assaulting a 15-year-old young female while filling in as mayor

He was reappointed first in the latest nearby elections following an alliance concurrence with the nation's ANC. Since the statement of the second term as mayor, there was a ton of resistance from teen activists and NGOs who go against the interest of the local area however the past conviction, and there are increasing calls for ANC to choose whether or not to do as such. Keep a relationship with Icosa.

Sifiso Mtsweni, a representative for ANC in the Western Cape, stated Wednesday that the party's trade organization was entrusted with looking after the specific mayor's desire to leave the alliance. "Recently, the nation organizer visited Cannaland to settle in this choice. The people organization's ANC representative has eliminated and we expect resistance locally," he stated. Cannaland's DA was "not astonished" through the sentenced attack crook Jeffrey Donson's desire to keep the mayor's seat.

Last week, Ikosa Administrator David Camphor censured the media for creating a bad story about Donson. "Abrupt bad media inclusion is an all around composed plan to make mild of the super work Ikosa has accomplished for the Cannaland people organization and to initiate the local area's included right to select government in their decision.

"He was convicted in 2008 for lawful assault and indecent assault of a minor as an accomplice for a 50-year-aged person for pretty a even as, so she didn't have a clue about her age at that point and she I predicted that it must be legitimate age"


This is the second time one of the mayors that are convicted are in an alliance with ANC. All the mayors are convicted for rape, therefore they should be sentenced with more that what's expected as they're under government. Please share your thoughts below and follow me for more insightful news.

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