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OPINION| Herman Mashaba Having a Logo Only on the Ballot Box Will Negatively Affect His Party

All the best Mr Mashaba, I seriously believe that having a logo only on the ballot is going to affect your party negatively big time. The majority of the voting electorate is not as sufficiently literate to identify actionsa logo. The majority are not on Facebook. Lots of ground work is needed to ensure they recognize actionsa on the ballot

We should have just had abbreviations like anyone else. All parties stated their abbreviations. It is as simple as that, same saga with the logo, only lawyers Benefit from these unnecessary courts. Anyway free publicity I guess because everyone now knows there is a party without a abbreviation

It is disgraceful that the IEC can create this, and worse that the electoral court uphold it. The blank space creates the opportunity for spoiled votes, why can they not insert a or similar to indicate that it is not the space to make your vote? Because the ruling party is hopeful for spoiled votesBy undermining the will of the people, the IEC is playing dangerous games with the credibility and stability of this country's democracy. We have seen this before, in other countries, and it doesn't end well. Even when the ANC has been removed, it will take additional efforts to dislodge its extensive network of cadres deployed to wreak havoc on state institutions, including Section 9 institutions. Nevertheless, let's continue to campaign for Action SA, this is the only viable hope for the country's diverse and concerned citizens

What the ANC branch called IEC did to ActionSA is unfair, deliberate and wrong, IEC could have just put the name in the ballot, this is not fair at all though we may differ politicallyI can see already that the elections will be declared UNfree and UNfair, because of the IEC's clear bias in favour of the ANC, there will be many spoiled ballots that should have gone to ActionSA. Isn't there some way to alert the international community? This is a flagrant disregard for the principles of fairness and honesty in democratic elections

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