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PODCAST | The Story: Ramaphosa facing mounting pressure over Phala Phala scandal

PODCAST | The Story: Ramaphosa facing mounting pressure over Phala Phala scandal. Please read the following and find out what happens.


According to the source, News24 has shared information about the break-in at President Cyril Ramaphosa's Phala Phala farm in 2020.

There was a theft of about $600,000. Ramaphosa's farm manager received the money from the sale of a single buffalo. The purchaser was based in Dubai.

This week on The Story, we have investigative reporter Kyle Cowan from News24, who was the first to report the story and political analyst Ongama Mtimka.

According to Cowan, the sum paid for the buffalo was "not an absurd price for the correct kind of buffalo," and he thinks the additional details are beginning to "inject a sense of balance and reality into this whole story around this burglary.


And he warned that the president's opponents would "attempt and grab as much mileage out of this as they can" because the controversy was "severely damaging for the president" politically.

According to Cowan, "each one of these inquiries offers its threat."

Purchasing a Buffalo in Dubai and stealing $600,000

Politically and maybe legally harmful for Trump would be "if any information rises in any of these examinations that the president knew about the transaction or he was somehow aware that the money was coming from a dubious source," he added.

Mtimka thinks it would be wise for Ramaphosa to not seek a second term, "but rather place a successor who has a lot longer runway in terms of expanding the party into the future than he may have."

He said that having "lowered the bar when it comes to expectations of politicians on a moral and ethical basis to the extent that politicians hide behind legality and judicial processes to determine whether or not they fall on their swords," is the issue facing South Africa.


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