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ANC Members Accused Of Stealing From The DA, This Is What Was Spotted

Many members of the public were alarmed after they spotted what the African National Congress members were doing with the Democratic Alliance umbrella, it seems like the whole incident is really caused a huge controversy on social media as many people are saying that the African National Congress members steal everything and they have since stolen the umbrella.

This came as a surprise to even the former leader of the Democratic Alliance Helen Zille who’s pointed it out on social media that it is a concern, and she found the whole thing humorous.

The African National Congress has been caught up in a lot of irregular expenditure and this has been evident in the way that they are conducting themselves and we can see that there is no other thing which the African National Congress has been doing lately, they have been compromising the safety and security of the country.

And now they're back again asking for votes from ordinary members of the public we have seen them being chased away from communities and municipalities, because members were not happy with their presence.

Owing to all along the ANC members being upsent when members were crying out for help, they were not there when the members of the public were struggling without the African National Congress member but now that everything is fine they are showing up and acting as if nothing really happened.

Can’t we have elections each year in Cape Town, just so that the missing DA councillors can come out of hiding more often and Ward 81’ grass is being cut.

Civic Centre is open for people to come with their municipal challenges and get it resolved, locally registered and unregistered feeding schemes are receiving support from Cllrs Office.

EPWP work is being offered more now than before in the ward, our streets were swept for the first time in such a long time again.

The backyard dwellers, & those on the housing list details are now being renewed onto municipal housing database.

We are now being informed of decisions the Ward Councillor supported in council meetings, and then popped the question “were you not suppose to consult the community 1st and there was silence.

It’s just service delivery at its best now, noting the upcoming municipal elections is on the first of November, I hope it won’t end here man!!!!

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