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Conflict Of Leadership In Zulu Land Continues, Allegedly Now Have Two Kings Reigning: Opinion


The battle for the Zulu royal throne Seems to be far from Over despite, Prince Misuzulu’s coronation being a few days away

(Right ) Prince Misuzulu is backed by Mangosuthu and Ramaphosa . ( Left )Prince Simakade is backed by family and other chiefs. That is very important to KNOW! It has been in Zulu nation that the king is chosen by family. 

This is how tribes split. A few generations later you find Zulu for Simakade and Zulu for Misizulu.


This is not so surprising to us as the nation of South Africa. We know how the Zulu people are. They are always in conflict, if they are not fighting against each other, they are fighting other tribes. If they're not fighting other tribes they are fighting against foreigners. If they are not fighting against foreigners they are fighting the government, they are protesting, looting things and destroying the infrastructure.

They are the people who can not solve anything without conflict. They can't solve anything by just sitting down and reasoning together, that is the kind of the people they are. They think that fighting prove men to be real men. They think that fighting is what shows braveness, yet at certain point fighting shows stupidity and most of the times where logic has failed people end up fighting.

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KNOW Mangosuthu Misuzulu Zulu


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